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Dazzling Without the Danger: 4th of July Pet Safety


Summer is high season for celebrations and nothing is more celebratory than the 4th of July. From backyard barbecues to brilliant fireworks, this is the holiday many Americans look forward to for fun, food, family, and, of course, festivities.

While the team at Heart of Texas agrees with the significance and excitement of the holiday, we also want to remind owners it’s also a time for extra precaution when it comes to our fur friends. Most pets are frightened by loud noises (you may have noticed this during one of our raucous storms). In fact, noise anxiety or phobia is so common that missing pet reports tend to spike during this holiday.

However, there’s no reason to sit this season out. Take some time to learn about 4th of July pet safety and how you can enjoy it while keeping your best fur pal in mind.

A Case for Caution

There are many reasons why loud holidays or thunderstorms are a concern for us here at Heart of Texas. We’ve seen many emergency cases due to pets being struck by a car or injured as they attempt to escape from the cacophony around them.

Unlike us, pets can perceive these noises as unpleasant or downright terrifying. In fact, noise phobia can create a very scary situation for both pets and their owners when it isn’t addressed. Even if you think your pet is only mildly bothered by the noise, exercise caution since it’s best to have peace of mind.


Also remember the 4th of July offers an abundance of other risks, including the fireworks themselves (pets are more curious than you think), food and environmental toxins, hot grills, meat bones, etc. Holiday gatherings and parties are also undeniably riskier for pet escapes – with all the commotion and people, it’s easy for a pet to slip out an open door or gate.

4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Now that you’ve read about the reasons pet safety should be at the top of your list, the great news is that there are solutions!

  1. Bring outdoor pets inside during the week of the holiday (since you know many people love to get an early start).
  2. If you have not had your pet microchipped, now is the perfect time. This is one of the best ways of being reunited with a missing pet.
  3. Make sure your pet’s ID tags are secure and updated.
  4. Find a quiet, secure room in the home where your pet can stay during the festivities.
  5. Use a tv, radio, or white noise machine to help mask fireworks.
  6. Do not take the risk of bringing your pet to any events, including parades or parties, where he or she can easily become frightened and escape.
  7. Consider boarding your pet if no one will be home with him or her.
  8. Light pressure vests, such as the Thundershirt, have been shown to help alleviate stress in pets who have noise anxiety.
  9. Keep your pet away from hot grills and securely cover waste containers (and don’t forget to scan the yard for any no-no’s, including firework debris).
  10. Consider seeking help from your veterinarian if your pet is experiencing more serious anxiety or stress – medication can often help.

From all of your friends at Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center, we wish you and your furry pal a safe and wonderful holiday.

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