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Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center: Pet Endoscopy

Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center offers pet endoscopy services for dogs and cats. Endoscopy is a tool used in internal medicine and veterinary surgery. It helps us do what we do best—find the problem, so we can find the right treatment.

One of the best things about endoscopy is that the procedure is minimally invasive, allowing for a visual examination of internal organs and body parts such as:

  • Bronchoscopy: Lower airways
  • Colonoscopy: Colon, cecum, large bowel, and rectum
  • Endoscopy: Esophagus, stomach, and upper intestines
  • Arthroscopy: Soft tissue structures, and joint cartilage
  • Cystoscopy: Vagina, urethral opening, urethra, and bladder
  • Laparoscopy: Abdominalcavity including liver and kidneys
  • Rhinoscopy: Nasalcavity and nasopharynx

Endoscopy is performed with a long, fiber-optic instrument, and is maneuvered using a control knob in the hand piece. The fiber bundles provide the light source, and two small components allow the endoscopic tools to collect samples, and air or water to be injected to allow cleansing of the viewing port.

Additionally, special video cameras can be attached to the endoscope. This allows the exam to be viewed on a television screen, as well as recorded onto video. This recording allows us to review what’s going on in the insides of your dog or cat, so we can begin the right treatment right away.

Heart of Texas Veterinary Specialty Center is proud to offer this service to our emergency and referral clients. Please contact us to book an appointment or to discuss any questions you may have regarding the endoscopic procedure.

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